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RSG IMA Blood Bank as it stands today is one of the premier blood banks of Uttar Pradesh and a renowned blood bank of the country. After great efforts of the stalwarts, it was established in 1987 and is serving the society since then.

It is a charitable unit working on NO PROFIT NO LOSS BASIS..

It came into existence with bare minimum facilities.

It was opened in a small space, but soon it was felt that some more space was required, A handsome donation of Rs. 5 lacs was made by Mr. Naveen Khandelwal in the name of his father Shri Radhey Shyam Gupta.

Since then, blood bank was named RSG IMA Blood Bank.

Blood Bank acquired a new shape then. Ever since, it has taken rapid strides in the technical field as well as in the service provided.

The new building paved way to rapid modernization

  • No compromises on screening.
  • Best screening for viral markers with highly sensitive equipment.
  • No clerical error due to barcoding.
  • Better identification of donor through biometric system.
  • Highly clean and safe environment.
  • Best trained staff.

  • 24 hours Open.
  • Fully Air-conditioned with 24 hours power backup.
  • Finger print identification (Biometric system):To filter the menace of:
    1. - Professional donors.
    2. - Donors coming before 3 months of duration.
    3. - Reactive donors.

  • Free of cost and without replacement supply of blood component to all thalasemics and Hemophiliacs
  • Barcoding :-
    1. For better identification, documentation and accuracy of labeling
    2. Avoid clerical mistakes and human errors
  • Web-Camera for identification of donors.
  • Closed Circuit cameras in the premises for vigilance over staff and supervision of working.
  • Cold room 2 to 60C and -400C degrees
  • Storage facility for different components- refrigerators, deep freezers, Platelet agitators & incubators.
  • Blood component facility available:
  • Packed RBCs, Platelets, Fresh Frozen Plasma and Cryoprecipitate.
  • Automatic/manual component Extractors.
  • Plasma Thawer.
  • Laminar flow for maintaining sterilization.
  • Leucoreduced Blood Products available.
  • Highly clean and safe environment.
  • Best trained staff.
  • All mandatory tests for transfusion transmitted infections (HIV I & II, HCV, HBsAg, VDRL) are done by most sensitive automated Elisa Technology.
  • Immunohaematology including grouping and cross matching (Coomb's) done with modern automated equipments.
  • Grouping, Cross-matching done by manual Gel Technology.
  • Donor grouping by automated Technology to avoid human error and for proper documentation.
  • Automated Technology for antibody screening.
  • Apheresis unit is available.
  • Mobile Van for Blood Donation Camps.
Facilities provided at the clinic are..
  • Free Consultation.
  • Blood sugar testing by glucometer at Rs. 20/- per test.
  • Registration fees – Rs. 10/- valid for three days (inclusive of medicines supplied by the clinic)
  • Ultrasound at 50% concession.
  • Pathological investigation at 50% concessional rates.
  • Periodic health check-up camps for diabetes.
  • Hypertension and cardiac problems.
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