It is also a group of hereditary disorders in which the blood clotting mechanism is affected and the patient suffers from minor to major internal or external bleeds. Hemophilia mostly affects boys. In an affected family usually females are carriers while males are sufferers of this disease .

When normal people get a cut, the body naturally protects itself. Sticky blood cells called platelets go to the site of bleeding and plug the hole. This is the first step in the clotting process. When the platelets plug the hole, they release chemicals the attract more sticky platelets and also a activate various proteins in the blood known as clotting factors. These proteins mix with the platelets to stop the bleeding.Our body has 12 clotting factors that work together in the process (numbered using Roman numerals from I through XIII).

It is primarily of two types :
Hemophilia A - where the level of clotting factor-VIII is either low or deficient.
Hemophilia B- It is also known as Christmas disease and in this, the level of clotting factor IX is low. SIGNS & SYMPTOMS
These range from prolonged bleeding after a wound, bruising, bleeding gums, excessive bleeding during tooth extraction, recurrent joint bleeding, etc. The severity of symptoms depends upon the severity of deficiency of clotting factors.
TREATMENT:- Hemophilia is a lifelong condition with no cure and it is managed by factor replacement therapy. This is a very costly treatment. If the family is not able to afford the treatment, emergencies are managed by transfusion of cryoprecipitate which is provided free of cost by our blood bank.


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