NAT SCREENED -The safest blood

NAT SCREENED -The safest blood

Though most of the blood banks use ELISA as a gold standard to detect HIV/HBV/HCV, but PCR technology detection reduces the window period to a great extent. NAT screening for blood is one of the best available technology based on real time PCR .It amplifies and detects RNA/DNA of viruses Advantages of Nucleic Acid tested(NAT)Blood

1.Shortens the window period to a great extent. VIRUS NAT SEROLOGICAL METHODS**

HBV 6-15 days*x 30-62 days*
HCV 10-12 days * 25-82 days*
HIV 10-12 days* 20-25 days*

*Numbers and facts are based on the general immunity conditions.
** Ranges from card test to Elisa fourth generation /CLIA

2. Detects occult HBV cases.
3. Detects immunosilent donors and
Thereby, NAT tested blood is taken as world’s safest blood till date.

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